I heard that today from someone who knew me before the Lord got hold of me. Long before. Like, who knew me in high school. Through the magic of Facebook, I’ve reconnected with one of my closest friends from high school and today, we had lunch together for the second time since we “found” each other. It’s been fun and interesting to hear about what her life has been like since we lost touch. And I’ve been able to take the plunge and be open about who I was and who I am, something that’s not always easy for me to do.

I shared with my friend that once I came to the Lord, He helped me understand who He created me to be. I told her that for many years after that, I worked hard at avoiding people that knew me before because I felt like I had been such a fraud and I was worried that they would all know that, back in the day, I wasn’t the person they thought I was. “But you weren’t a fraud. I was one of the closest people to you — I would have known!” my friend exclaimed. Inwardly, I sighed. “Oh, if you only knew” I thought to myself. No one, not even the people closest to me, could have known how I struggled with insecurity and anxiety back then. And no one could have imagined the things I did and said to gain the acceptance that always seemed to elude me, no matter how hard I worked to secure it. It was quite a time. It was exhausting. I’ve always suspected that Jesus got tired just watching me spin my wheels and stepped up His pursuit of my heart so He could relax!

John 10:10 is one of my favorite scriptures because it plainly tells me who the enemy of of my life is and confirms and affirms that I have hero who wants to deliver me from the thief who wants to kill and destroy me. The enemy would love for us to continue to keep our pasts hidden away, to be embarrased by what was and to be fearful of being found out. But Jesus came to give those who follow Him life and life to the full. He is the hero of my life, my rescuer, my champion. Because of Him, I don’t have to live in the past, in fear, or in hiding. No one does. I can be found, known and open to anyone. That’s the freedom in Him that Christ promises. I love that!

I couldn’t quite convince my friend that what I was telling her about who I was in high school was true. And that’s okay. The Lord’s still working on me. I’m not the person I was anymore but I’m still in progress. I’m more interested in having her get to know the woman I’m becoming and the One who’s doing all the work.