Proverbs 17:17 says that a friend loves at all times. And it’s been said that love is not as much feeling as it is an action. Tonight, I spent time with friends who love to love! A few years ago, we started helping each other with home painting projects. We washed walls, we patched holes, we taped, we rolled beautiful colors onto walls and painted ceilings white. Last summer, we painted five bedrooms in three homes in three weeks — it was a lot of work but so much fun! This summer we’re helping each other with different projects. Tonight, we painted base boards, hung closet doors and mounted a headboard for a bed. In the next few weeks, we’ll clean out two garages and purge closets packed with too many clothes. And through it all, we’ll laugh, eat pizza (our traditional painting party meal) and have more fun than you should be allowed to have while working this hard. It’s a wonderful way to show love toward one another. I love my friends, love the way they give of themselves and are willing to get jump in and help with those messy house projects that no one ever wants to do. Getting them done is so much easier when you have friends willing to love you through them. Its just one of the ways we express that precious Jesus-like affection for one another. How about you and your friends? How do you express love to one another?