“All my changes come from Him who never changes.” I love this statement. It’s the opening line from the August 10 entry of “Faith’s Checkbook,” a powerful devotional by Charles Spurgeon. Last year, I started reading classic Christian writers. I had tried to read them as a young Christian but just couldn’t get into the text, it was just too much. I guess I’ve matured some because it’s been a wonderful and powerful experience to read the words of some of the giants of the faith. “Faith’s Checkbook” has become one of my favorite books! If you can find a copy, you should check it out.

How amazing is the idea that the One who never changes brings about change in our lives? There’s so much about me that needs to be different, that needs to be refined, that needs to be transformed. There are hopes and dreams I have for my life that will require significant changes if they are to come to pass. There are changes the Lord has in the works for me that I cannot imagine. My life is very differnt now than it was this time last year. And it will be very different a year from now than it is today. But the one thing that will never change is the Lord. He stays the same. His love stays powerful and constant. His attention never wavers. He stays true.

Does change frighten you? Do you avoid it? I have a love/hate relationship with change. I love it because it means that life is moving, things are happening, the Lord is active in my life. I hate it because it means that life is moving, things are happening, the Lord is active in my life. Change is scary because it’s unknown. But you know what should be our great comfort? The fact that the Lord is not unknown to us. Jesus makes it possible for us to know Him. And if change is swirling around us, we can be confident in the anchor that is the Lord never moves, He stays steady. What a great promise.

I know the Lord has some changes in store for me, maybe even in the near future. I’m not sure what they are or how they’ll come about. But what I don’t know doesn’t matter as much as what I do know. The One who will orchestrate whatever is to come won’t change. Because of that, I can breathe.