I was in New York most of the week before last, working with one my clients. It was quite a week — we worked hard, put in some (very) long days and mixed in some fun. The best part of the week was working with people I really enjoy but don’t get to spend much in-person time with which was great. It was a good trip on so many levels. I was glad to go but I was happier to come home. I needed to get back. I was hungry and needed to be where I could eat!

During my trip, I was so aware of the Lord’s presence, His voice speaking to my heart, sharing His purpose for this time of travel, of His quiet but purposed encouragement. It was such a gift to have what felt like His extra special attention toward me. And it made me long for more of Him. It made me hungry for more of Jesus.

All week long, the hunger, the desire for more of Jesus grew…in the back of my mind, my thoughts kept drifting to Him…my need of Him, how amazing He is, His character, His sacrifice, His faithfulness…by the time I got back, I was starving!

So, during this past week, I looked for ways to have more — I read the word with fresh eyes and a fresh heart, I listened to worship music and sang with tears in my eyes, I listened to radio ministry and heard fresh takes on verses I know so well. It was a veritable feast for my soul…and I still want more :).

The question lingering on my mind is how…how do I get closer to Him, know Him better, love Him more deeply? It’s the prayer of my heart right now. I know He’ll answer. Because as much as I want Him, I know He wants me more…wants me to get closer to Him, to be nearer and near still to Him.. He wants it so much He died for me…how humbling…

So, while I’m waiting for His answer, I’m curious…what do you do when you need more, hunger for more of Jesus? Can you share your thoughts on this…especially if you’ve had a season of hunger for Him…how did He help you satisfy it?