That’s what life has felt like this week…like the circus has come to take up residence in my world! It’s been increasingly crazy-hectic-busy since Tuesday. Yesterday, I was sure that someone had let the monkeys loose, it was that nuts.

I think the Lord allows seasons like this to drive us closer to Him. He knows us so well, knows our tendancies, knows our character. In my own life, I know He knows that if things are going along smoothly, I forget my need of Him. It becomes easy to not draw close, to not actively participate in my relationship with Him.

So the Lord allows a little craziness to remind me that during stressful times, I have a choice in how to respond. I can completely freak and use all of my wits to control and manage situations or I can look up and ask for His help. He wants me to ask for help. I’m not always so good at asking for help. 🙂

So He uses times like these to train me in this, to transform me just a little bit more into a woman who looks to Him for help, strength, and power. And you know what? It works! I’ve reached out to Him deeply this week. And He has shown His faithfulness.

The circus here won’t end anytime soon. The good news about that is that it means I’ll be spending lots of quality time with the Lord. I’ll see Him in ways I’ve known before and if I look hard enough, I’ll get to know Him in ways that are all-together new to me. I can’t wait. He gives such amazing gifts at times like this. No cheap cotton candy. But the good stuff, the meaningful stuff that lasts.

So that’s my world. What’s going on under your Big Top?