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It’s amazing how life can be interrupted sometimes…the last few weeks have delivered just one interruption after another for me. Nothing bad has happened just lots of activity that left me no time to be here. Sort of the way a TV show gets interrupted by breaking news or something. But I’m back and ready to talk about the latest happenings in my world and hopefully, hear the news from your corner of the world. Since it’s been awhile, we should have lots to catch up on!

I’m going to get started with writing on Chapter 6 of “Spiritual Mothering”. I’m a little behind the group but I’m determined to get caught up and finish the book with the rest of the ladies. Susan Hunt’s book has really encouraged me and I want to finish well and learn as much as I can about what the Lord wants me to know about being a good spiritual mom and glean from what the other ladies in the group are learning. So stay tuned!

Interruption is the word that best describes my last few weeks. What about you? What word would you use to describe your last couple of weeks?