At the women’s Bible study at my church this year, we are going through the book of Acts. I’ve read the book before but never taken a slow walk through this historical record of the early Christian church. The biggest eye-opener for me — how much rich life application there is to glean from the lives of the first followers of Christ after the resurrection. I never expected to learn so much about how to live life in Christ. I should know by now that I should never underestimate what the Lord will speak through His Word!

In Acts 5, these new believers offer an amazing example. As a group, they regularly met on Solomon’s Porch, they fellowshipped, they preached the Gospel in this very public place. The chapter records that many people who saw them gather esteemed them highly and while not everyone joined them, there were men and women who did come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ as a result of the outward witness of these young believers.

These early Christians did this, at great risk. They were under tremendous persecution, were being imprisoned and beaten for their faith. But what Jesus had done for them through His death and resurrection was too wonderful — they could not, would not hold back from telling the world around them about this incredible Savior who changed their lives, changed their eternity.

These new believers encourage me to find my own Solomon’s Porch, to live my life in Christ outwardly, out in the open, where those who need to know Him can see what life in Jesus looks like. The Holy Spirit will work in and through me if I’m just willing to step out, to be out, in His power. The same incredible things Jesus did for them, He’s done for me. And it really is too wonderful for me to keep it quiet or to just share with those who already know Him. He came to save the world. I want my life to be something He uses to bring all who would believe into relationship with Him.

So now I’m asking myself some questions. How can I make living my life in Christ outwardly more of a priority? What are some things I can do to make my life open to people around me who need to know Christ or are curious about who He is? Am I approachable to people who might be searching? Am I easy to find?

These are heavy questions and just like the early church, will require something of me. But I’ve been given so much, how can I say no?

What about you? What are you doing to live your outwardly on your Solomon’s Porch?