For the discussion on Chapter 7 of Susan Hunt’s book “Spiritual Mothering”, Joanne Heim at The Simple Wife asked the group to share about a few key things that resonated with us. So, here’s how she set us up to talk about our thoughts. You’ll find the thoughts of the others in the reading group over Joanne’s place. She writes a terrific blog so check her out!

Share one or two things that you underlined and explain why. Was it something you wholeheartedly agree with? Something that challenges you to grow? Something you want to know more about or study more in depth?

If we were sitting around in a circle at a coffee shop (picture your favorite one and maybe even tell us which one it is so we can picture it too!), how would you finish this sentence: “I underlined the quote that says ________________ because ________________.”

First, the coffee shop…I would invite all of us to gather at Julienne’s, a lovely French café in my area where they serve good strong coffee and beautiful pastries on a lovely patio dining area. We’d start with their heavenly cream currant scones and then order a sampling of the other yummy things on the menu while the coffee and conversation flowed…anyone up for an afternoon of coffee and conversation? 🙂

The first quote I underlined was this one on page 98, “So our approach changes from ‘Come into my world and make me happy’ to “Father, show me how to go into Your world and glorify You.’ The effect on a relationship is a switch from wanting to you to serve me to a desire to serve God through the relationship.” I loved the goal this set for spiritual mother-daughter relationships. While the relationship may start out as one that is inwardly focused, with the older woman instructing the younger woman, eventually it has to cause both women to turn outward, to go out and serve God to a greater degree than they did before they met. That’s a wonderful benefit to both women and to the body of Christ.

The other quote was a powerful reminder to me about humility. On page 100, Susan Hunt writes, “Humility is not a passive, syrupy sweetness. Humility is rugged obedience. “ I’ve always recognized that having a humble spirit was about keeping myself in right perspective, about not considering myself more highly than I ought. This quote put what humility is truly about center-stage — it’s about obedience. And it’s tough — my flesh doesn’t want to be humble! But I need to deal ruggedly with my flesh, put it death daily and walk in obedience. And I can’t fake it by putting a syrupy smile on a prideful attitude. That’s not real. And the Lord demands real humility from me. When I am genuine in my humility, I can be the spiritual mom the Lord needs me to be, serving the daughters He blesses me with