I’m posting this a day late…I had it written but just never got around to putting this up on Saturday…oh well, here it is…welcome to 31 Days!

Well, October has 31 days and today is October 1st, so there’s that…but the truth is that I needed some motivation to get the blog back on track. And when I heard about a blog challenge The Nester was hosting under the banner of “31 Days of Change,” I decided to use it as motivation to get back to my keyboard and start writing again. Because there is a lot to write about. Because the Lord has been busy making changes. Transforming changes. I’m not who I was when I wrote this. Or this. Or this.

I’ve been changed.

Two years ago, the idea that I was being transformed into His likeness made me think. A lot.

I wanted to be like Him. Like Jesus. I wanted to reflect His glory.

Change me. Transform me. Make me more like You. That was my prayer.

The Lord’s been busy about that work. In the only way He knows how. Quietly. Dramatically.

Witnesses have been left in awe. At times, I’ve been breathless. Speechless.

Change is never easy. The last 24 months have been…







You know what?

He was true to His promise. He was faithful. He changed me. Changed my life. Transformed me. Transformed my world.

Over the next 30 days, I’ll tell you what happened. And I’ll want to know how He’s changing you and your world.

Because He’s changing all of us. All of us are Under Transformation.