All my changes come from He who never changes. ~~ C.H. Spurgeon

Jesus. He is the One who never changes. He is a change agent, though. He makes transformation possible.

Transformation starts when we first believe. Believe Jesus is who He said He is and believe that we are who He says we are.

He is the Promised One, the Messiah, the Son of God, sent to save, to change, to transform anyone who would see their need of a Savior and believe in Him. By our simple and humble decision to believe, He transforms our eternity from forever dead to forever alive with Him.

That alone is powerful change.

He doesn’t stop there.

He transforms our here and now, our lives, our present and our future, from hopelessness to the promise of a future that has nothing but good for us.

The transformation isn’t always about our circumstances. Often it’s about us, who we are. Transforming us. Changing us. Healing us. Our circumstances catch up with His changes, ushering them in when we are ready to receive what He has for us.

Jesus does it all without changing. No matter what He uses, what He allows to come into our lives to change our character, to change our perspective, to deepen our need for Him, to make our relationship with Him richer, no matter what, He does not change.

Jesus stays true. Faithful. Loving. Steadfast. Near. Strong. He’s all of these things even when and especially when we are not.

All of us are under His transformation because He tells us that He is busy at that work every day. It’s not always pleasant. But it’s always for our good. It’s always to make us more like Him. And it’s always for His glory.

Today, if your season of transformation is hard…challenging…painful…blinding…remember that He who is busy about the business of changing you never changes.

And because that’s true, you can be confident that this season will not last forever. That it will be for your good. That you will not be harmed. That in it and through it, you have a hope and future.

Rest in that. Let the truth of that be like air to you. Trust Him. He’s transforming you for your good and for His glory.