It’s hard to let go of the world you know and exchange it for something different. Even if the exchange is for something better. Change is hard. Moving from the known to the unknown is challenging.

Most people are creatures of habit. We like the consistency routine brings, the comfort the repetitive motion of day to day living provides. Even if the consistency and comfort we are living in are not the most beneficial, or particularly healthy. Bad life patterns, unhealthy ways of thinking, less-than-edifying relationships might be hindering us from living the full, rich life the Lord offers us.

Life might be hell but it’s the hell we know so we stick with what we know rather than risk and exchange it for an unknown future.

The last few years have been a time of extraordinary change for me. It hasn’t always been easy. My world has been turned upside down in a lot of ways. More than once, I’ve commented to friends that the Lord seemed to have had a good grip on the snow globe of my world and was giving it a good shake. The snow in my little dome is settling in new places. My world has started to look different. It’s been an incredible challenge to let go of my known world and step out to embrace what the Lord was bringing into being. Especially when I can’t always see where my foot is going to land.

A few truths have encouraged me to let go of the old things and lay hold of the new:

  • The Lord never does things from a distance. He’s up close and personal when He’s moving in the lives of His children. I’ve had to choose to believe that He is always with me. I don’t have to worry that He’s sending me into the unknown alone.
  • The Lord is never confused or surprised by what’s happening in my life. I’ve had to choose to believe that the circumstances He’s orchestrating are for my good even if I don’t completely understand them. I must trust Him.
  • The Lord has gone ahead of my circumstances and orchestrated them perfectly. I’ve had to choose to believe that if I follow Him and His leading, I will not fall.
  • Most importantly, the Lord’s banner over me is love. I have had to choose to believe that the Lord loves me more than I can comprehend. His love is at the heart of everything He is asking me to leave and everything He’s asking me to embrace.

Leaving what we know is never easy. Embracing what we can’t see or understand is hard. Our loving God knows both of these things. He asks us to trust Him, to believe Him and to move forward, laying hold of what is unknown to us but is fully known to Him.

What change is the Lord working in your life? What truth to you need to embrace so you can lay hold of what the Lord has for you?