Change is not easy. It’s hard. Really hard. And it can be painful.

It’s hard when your normal is not normal anymore. Your routine is upset. What is familiar is gone and is replaced with something that feels awkward, ill-fitting and uncomfortable.

Like new shoes you put on for the very first time and need to be broken in. They make your feet hurt until they take on the shape of your foot. Adjust to your gait.

I’ve been coming into a new normal for almost two years now. Nothing in my life except for my address is the same as it was 24 months ago. Or 12 months ago. Or 6 months ago.

And it’s been painful. At times, really painful.

I’m grateful for the pain. Sounds crazy, I know.

The pain reminds me that God’s at work. He’s doing something.

Not that His intention is to ever harm me. It’s not. He never harms His children.

But He is committed to changing me. To changing you if you’re His child.

He refuse to leave things as they are. To leave me as I am. To leave you as you are.

So He changes circumstances. Relationships. Geography. He changes the status quo.

It’s hard to take sometimes. Hard to process.

But if I keep my eyes on the One doing the changing, I’ll come through it.

Shiny like silver.

That’s His promise.

So I’m thankful for the pain. It’s evidence that He’s making good on what He said He would do.

How are things with you? Has your normal changed? Has it been hard, painful? Let me know…I’m praying for you.